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Registered in Scotland in 2005 Company Number SC286657 Scottish Charity Number SC036648

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2016 Diary
Board Meeting (111)
Thu 9th Nov '16
6.30pm to 8pm
10th AGM
Wed 26th Oct 16 at 7pm
Board Meeting (110)
Thu 13th Oct '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (109)
Thu 8th Sep '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (108)
Thu 11th Aug '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Our Great Start
Fri 5th Aug '16
12noon to 2pm
Board Meeting (107)
Thu 9th Jun '16
6.30pm to 8pm
C in the Park 2016
Sat 4th Jun '16
12noon to 3pm
Men's Club Meeting
Wed 1st Jun '16
2pm to 3pm
Clean Up Day
Sat 21st May '16
10am to 12noon
Butterfly Workshop
Fri 20th May 2016
10am to 3pm
Board Meeting (106)
Thu 12th May '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (105)
Thu 14th Apr '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (104)
Thu 10th Mar '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (103)
Thu 11th Feb '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (102)
Thu 14th Jan '16
6.30pm to 8pm
BCDC Welfare Advice / Hope Initiative

Since the summer of 2014 BCDC has run a free and confidential welfare rights service also known as the My Money My Way project!

The project was initially intended to be run for 1 year only but we were fortunate enough to secure extra funding to extend the project a further year to the end of July 2016. It is important that our clients understand this was a grant funded project and although hugely successful and desperately needed in the area we rely on funders to support its continuation. As most people are aware there have been huge cuts to many sources of funding for projects such as ours.

We understand the disappointment  this will cause to local people who have become reliant on the service provided but at present can only provide a limited service by directing customers to an appropriate place to meet their needs.

We hope at a later date, with the support of a bigger grant, to expand the Initiative taking into account the statistics collected showing the need for a multi-service one stop environment in Hope House  where an enhanced support to the individual can be achieved.

For advice on where to turn to now contact us with your enquiry using the email address or answer phone number below.

Email -           Answerphone - 01415580626

Alternatively you can use a direct link to other service providers in the area.


Welfare Advice
BCDC Advice / Hope Initiative
Premises/Whats On
Barmulloch Residents Centre, 54 Quarrywood Road, G21 3ET
Former Church Hall,
15 Quarrywood Ave,
G21 3BA
Broomfield Road Centre, 567 Broomfield Rd,
G21 3HW
Hope House,
567 Broomfield Rd,

G21 3HW

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